iOS Installation Instructions

Step 1

Ensure your iOS device has the TestFlight App installed. On your mobile phone, click on this link to open the App Store.

Click on “View in App Store” and proceed to download the TestFlight App.


Step 1 - Download TestFlight

Open the TestFlight App.


In the Welcome screen, click on the “Continue” button at the bottom of the screen.


Step 1 - Open TestFlight

If TestFlight is successfully installed you should get the following screen.


Step 1 - Successful installation screen

Step 2

Return to the original App Store screen.

Join the beta testing – by clicking on “Start Testing”.

Accept the application.


Step 2 - Activate beta and accept application


Install and open the application

Step 2 - Install and Open the application

The first time the app is open you should see the “From the Developer” screen, click “Next” and the Mavenir My Business app will open.

Log into your account to complete onboarding your business.


Step 2 - Start Using the App