Conversational Commerce for Small and Micro Businesses

Save time with automated customer service and delight your customers with an always-on digital presence.


Mobile app for businesses that simplifies and consolidates key business functions.

Chatbots automate customer service interactions and connect the conversation to an employee when needed. A multi-channel messaging inbox easily and intuitively manage all customer interactions in a single place.

Pre-register for the Mavenir My Business beta program.

Helpful, intuitive and easy to use.

Business is always available with an online digital presence.

Enhanced productivity with automated customer service and a multi-channel inbox.

Reduce missed opportunities.

Reach customers where they spent their time.

Seamless experience for customers

Mavenir My Business offers many benefits for customers including:

  • No need to download a special app! Customers use native Apple or Android  messaging – just like sending a regular text but with a simple and intuitive tap-not-type experience.
  • Frictionless: All transactions are completed without leaving the app, including customer experience, product purchases and payments.
  • Human-in-the-Loop: Consumers can chat with staff in real-time when preferred.

Increase customer engagement 4X with messaging*


of consumers want to interact with a business via text (source)


of consumers prefer live chats because they offer instant responses (source)


of consumers respond to missed business calls via text (source)

A digital presence for your business

Get your business ready to receive customers conversations in minutes! Through an easy and self-service on-boarding and setup process, Mavenir My Business lets you run your business from anywhere and everywhere. Give your business agility and operational efficiency while reducing costs.

Mavenir My Business helps you automate customer service:

  • Multi-Channel Messaging Inbox
  • In-Hours and Out-of-Hours
  • Welcome Messages
  • Built-in CRM
  • Product Catalogs
  • Business Hours
  • Directions
  • Appointment Scheduling (coming soon)
  • Mobile Payments (coming soon)
  • Promotions (coming soon)
  • Customer Surveys (coming soon)
  • Loyalty Programs (coming soon)

Make it easy for your customers to connect

Mavenir My Business provides many ways for your customers to find your business, including:

  • QR codes that can be used in media advertisements (physical or digital), brochures, newsletters and other marketing collateral.
  • “Chat with Us” hyperlinks from web sites, search landing pages or newsletters.
  • Hyperlinks from Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Once customers discovered your business they can start interacting immediately using any of their native messaging apps – Google Messages for Android devices, Messages for Apple devices or even Web Chat.

Let the chatbots do all the work!

Reduce missed opportunities

Reach customers where they spend their time

Delight customers with an “always open” vibe

Simple/repetitive tasks are automated for time savings

Easy transfer of conversations to a human

Connect with your customers 24/7

A powerful set of features to keep your business connected with customers.

Automated Key Business Functions

Save time and increase productivity by leaving repetitive tasks to chatbots.

Rich and Engaging Conversations

Boost your first impression and delight your customers with a rich conversation experience that include media.

Multi-Channel Unified Inbox

Instantly check messages from your customers from any channel, in a single location.


Easy transfer of conversations to a human, keeping context (history).

Product Catalogues

Consumers can browse catalogues and select the product/services via a conversational approach.

Built-in Mini CRM

Be uptospeed and leverage your customers’ choices/interests.

Pre-Register for Beta

Mavenir has recently released the Beta programme so microbusinesses in North America and Europe can receive early access to this technology and start taking immediate advantage of the convenient and direct experience that Mavenir My Business provides.

Do not miss the opportunity to stand out in front of consumers with an always-on, bidirectional digital presence and improve operational efficiency!

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